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Here is how not to drift the new Ford Focus RS

High-powered hatchback + inexperienced driver + Drift Mode = embarrassing crash seen by more than 360,000 people worldwide.

You may think you are as good as Lewis Hamilton at driving, but chances you are actually pretty rubbish. So it is hardly surprising a video has surfaced of a 2016 Ford Focus RS ending up crashing quite spectacularly.

What makes the video a bit special is the fact the new Focus RS comes with a Drift Mode, which is designed to encourage and help create drifty, rear-wheel shenanigans. And it does, but it is far from infallible as the video demonstrates perfectly.

In fact, as we can see when the Focus RS enters the corner with far too much speed, it requires an element of skill to use assuming, of course, you prefer your bumper devoid of huge scrapes and dents. Sadly this particular car hits a big cliff wall along route 44 in the town of New Paltz, New York.

The impact is severe enough to cause the car to nearly tip over and the airbags can be seen fully deployed as one of the people who captured the moment on camera walks over to the driver. A gentle scrape, this most certainly wasn’t.

Having driven the Focus RS on track, we can attest to its potency, especially with that 325hp 2.3-litre EcoBoost providing oodles of pace. Though drift mode is clever and tries to correct your complete lack of ability, it is no miracle worker so maybe reconsider using it on public roads – or risk similar embarrassment.

No wonder, then, safety officials in Australia are campaigning to have the Drift Mode disabled amid fears it could result in more than a damaged ego.

Video: 2016 Ford Focus drift mode epic fail


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