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Insurance fraudster faces 20 years after deliberately crashing Bugatti Veyron

A man who deliberately crashed his Bugatti Veyron in an attempt to defraud insurers is facing 20 years in jail.

Car dealer Andy Lee House drove the Veyron into La Marque Lagoon, in Texas, writing it off before telling insurers he was swerving to avoid a pelican.

House had bought the car using a $1 million loan and insured it for $2.2 million on a collector’s policy.

His story began to unravel after it emerged that occupants of another vehicle filmed the entire event, capturing Lee on camera as he casually drove the Veyron, unprovoked and at speed, to its watery grave, making no attempt to brake or take other evasive action.

The insurance company caught wind of the video, which went viral, and withheld payment, prompting House to launch legal action. However House later pleased guilty to wire mail fraud and now faces 20 years in prison.

The moral of the story: Don’t commit insurance fraud. Or if you really have to, then don’t do it in public while driving one of the world’s most desirable cars – you will be spotted.

Watch the video of the of House’s crash below.


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