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Introducing the windscreen wipers that shake off snow and ice

Detroit company invents a wiper arm that whacks itself against the windscreen to remove debris.

The days of stepping out of your car to remove the snow and ice from your windscreen wipers could be relegated to the past if Detroit-based company Motor City Wiper has anything to say about it.

The company has come up with clever windscreens wiper arms that do more than just go from left to right in an arc motion. The Wiper Assist system actually lifts the blade away from the glass as it moves back across the windscreen so that it pushes the snow to one side – not back and forth endlessly.

Another clever party trick involves smacking the blades into the windscreen, removing any troublesome snow and ice without you having to get out of your car. A pair of buttons and an on/off switch located near the ignition provide the necessary controls.

Ignoring the fact we get sporadic bouts of snow in the UK, we can’t help but wonder whether the system could damage the windscreen, especially when the cold will add to the brittleness. Perhaps this is why car manufacturers and suppliers have so far been uninterested?

The self-slapping windscreen wiper is now reportedly looking for an angel investor to help it reach production. Until then, those of you who live in snowier locations will have to keep doing the job yourself while braving the snowy elements. Or invest in a car with a heated windscreen and wait for nature to take its course.

Watch Wiper Assist in action below in the ‘Jeep Wrangler frozen wiper demo’ video.


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