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These girls took selfies and sang karaoke while driving. What happened next isn’t pretty

Two Iranian girls have embarassed themselves after posting a karaoke ‘selfie’ video, in which the driver crashes because she’s too busy singing to camera.

The driver, who had two few eyes on the road and two few hands on the steering wheel, mimes into the camera, while her friend films the scene, smiling. The driver eventually eventually realises the importance of at least glancing at the road ahead but by then it’s too late. Cue: the sound of breaking glass, crunching metal and airbag deployment. 

In a curious decision, the girls then chose to upload their rather embarrassing stunt to YouTube. The girls later posted photos of themselves in hospital to reassure viewers they were safe. The passenger appeared to have a bloodied eye laceration, while the driver had a cannula in her hand.

The incident was widely reported in Iranian media, and many YouTube users have ridicule the girls for their vanity or criticised the driver’s dangerous behaviour. 

In the 14-second clip, the two women can be seen singing along to ‘Ghorboni’, a popular song by Persian artist Saeed Shayesteh. In the video for the Farsi-language ‘Ghorboni’, the artist poses as a car mechanic attempting to fix an Audi when his girlfriend calls. The girls in the ‘selfie’ karaoke video sang the part of the girlfriend before disaster struck.

More amusingly, some Iranian lads have taken to parodying the girls’ mishap. Check out the best of the bunch below.



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