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Is the Lamborghini Cabrera the Gallardo’s replacement?

To the untrained eye this stealthy Lamborghini will look like a slightly modified Gallardo with a particularly shoddy paintjob, but this mystery ride could in fact be that car’s official replacement.

Photos taken and posted by Facebook user Marchettino show the mysterious Lambo parked at an unknown location. “Here we go, a prototype of the very long awaited Lamborghini Gallardo replacement finally caught on camera,” the accompanying caption reads.

is this the replacement for the Gallardo?
is this the replacement for the Gallardo?

A second photo, of the back of the car, was also posted on Marchettino’s Facebook page.

An Auto Express report recently claimed Lamborghini plans to reveal the Gallardo’s replacement at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show in September and that the company is still considering the “Cabrera” name. Therefore it’s a small leap of faith to assume the car in the photos is in fact exactly that – albeit in an unfinished guise.

The car, internally known as the LP724, will reportedly be built on the second-generation Audi R8 platform, which means it should weigh less than the Aventador but actually be a tad longer. Power is said to come from an updated 5.2-litre V10 that should provide 600bhp and 400lb/ft of torque at peak.

A quick internet search reveals Cabrera is Spanish for “an able-bodied man” or “goatherd” (a woman who tends to goats) depending on where you look. It’s also a mountain in Catalonia. Either way, this is not the typical manly naming convention you associate with the manufacturer but our Spanish language skills could be at fault.

When Marchettino (real name is Marco) isn’t serving up pictures of supercars to his sizable Facebook following, he is posting videos of them on his YouTube channel for his 100,000 subscriber following.

Via: Autoblog 


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