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Jaguar XJR picture hints at discretely packaged insanity

Jaguar has blessed us with a solitary picture of the new XJR ahead of its public debut at the New York Auto Show. Details of the beast are thin on the ground but we do know it will come equipped with Jaguar’s flagship 5.0-litre V8, as found in the XKR-S, so it should have access to power somewhere in the region of 550bhp and 500lb/ft of torque.

Expect a 0 to 62mph sprint time of around 4.4-seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 186mph (Jaguar likes to restrict its cars to 300kmh). That’s actually slightly terrifying when you consider the fact the XJ is designed mainly to shuttle execs around.

Jaguar has promised there will be a fair few bespoke chassis and aerodynamic developments that give the XJR ‘supercar performance’. Expect wider wheels, sportier suspension, bigger brakes ─ that sort of thing.

Depending on your love of aggressive body kit-infused styling, you will either be sad or happy to know the XJR will arrive as pictured ─ so there’ll be no massive wing as seen on the new XFR-S or XKR-S. The reason, we suspect, is that such garish additions wouldn’t sit well with the car’s target demographic (people in suits).

Pricing for the the XJR has yet to be confirmed, but expect to shell out somewhere in the region of £110,000.

Expect more details to emerge from the New York Auto show, which kicks off next week.


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