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Juggernaut three-wheeler will have fellow commuters reeling in fear

Rungu Juggernaut is probably the most mental push bike you will ever see.

We’ve seen some ‘gnarly’ mountain bikes in our time, but nothing comes close to the Juggernaut built by Rungu. This three-wheeled beast would be perfect for anyone who commutes to work up a mountain, over a desert or through thick snow.

The Rungu Juggernaut has a second wheel up front to not only frighten other commuters into moving out of your way, it helps keep the bike (or is that trike?) from getting stuck in soft terrain and steamroll objects up to 6-inches in height.

The 25.4kg Juggernaut has an extended wheelbase for better weight distribution, low gearing and plenty of ground clearance, making the rider able to take on the most unforgiving terrain. Three disc brakes, of which the back is hydraulic, help bring it to a stop, while the tyres are said to help soak up lumps and bumps – which they will need to given the lack of suspension.

Based on the extra wheel and the 4.7-inch width of the tyres, rolling resistance is going to be an issue. Once moving, however, and the Cerberus-esque machine will stop when hell freezes over. What’s the point in cycling if it’s easy, anyway?

The two front wheels set a shoulder width apart allow you to stay upright and keep your feet on the pedals when stationary, making it easy to remove any small animals, children and debris the wheels have gathered up before you continue your journey.

The Juggernaut is available from maker Rungu for US$2,500 (£1,500) plus tax and shipping costs. The version shown, which includes the optional ‘Surely tire package’, is US$2,900 (£1,743). Not exactly cheap given the lack of gears (9-speed), but how many other bikes look as menacing?

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