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Kia GT Concept to become a 360bhp rear-wheel-drive reality

Prepare to realign your perceptions of Kia (assuming they’re out of whack in the first place). The powerful Kia GT Concept is set to become a very pleasing reality, according to the Top Gear website.

“We have many new cars fighting for our attention, but this is one of them,” Kia vice-president Soon-Nam Lee said, while confirming the astonishing coupe will indeed reach production by the end of 2016 or early 2017.

The Kia GT Concept started life as a concept car at the 2011 Frankfurt motor show. There, Kia announced it would use a rear-wheel-drive setup, with power ocming from a 400bhp 3.3-litre twin-turbo V6 engine that produces 394lb/ft of torque. While the power figure is likely to be more reserved in the production car, Kia says it will remain faithful to the concept.

Kia is remaining tight-lipped on exact specs, which is unsurprising given how early the car is in its development phase. However, the South Korean manufacturer said it wants the Kia GT Concept to “feel like an Audi,” whatever that means. 

Kia knows it has some work to do on its image, and is hoping the GT Concept can make the brand a tiny bit mpore aspirational. A halo product with 360bhp through the rear wheels seems like a great start to us.

According to Top Gear, a Kia insider also said the company was considering a lairier version of the Pro Ceed GT.

So there you go, two sporty Kias could be on the horizon. Start saving those pennies.

Kia GT Concept pictures

Source and images: Top Gear


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