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Kids: Dads are better drivers than mums

Dads are better drivers than mums. That’s according to a study by breakdown recovery provider Green Flag, which found children much prefer it when their dad is behind the wheel.

31 per cent of children favoured their dad in the driver’s seat because they were more likely to let them change the radio. 73 per cent, meanwhile, said it was because dads are better at parking and 57 per cent said they were a better driver altogether. Having a better car (18 per cent) was another reason. 

21 per cent of dads would always stop to let their children use the toilet, the children said, while 14.9 per cent said it was because of always having sweets in the car. 10.4 per cent preferred the fact dads drive faster, too. 

Mums did, however, come out on top when it came to manners, mainly because 58 per cent of dads swore at other drivers compared with 45 per cent of mums. Mums were more likely to lose their temper on the school run, whereas for dads it was a trip to the supermarket. 

Although the findings are likely to spark debate between parents, 79 per cent mums and dags agreed on the fact the car is a great place to speak to their children. 26 per cent of that figure said it was the perfect place because kids have nowhere to run, while 24.7 per cent said there were fewer distractions. 

The favourite destination for children was the theme park, at 34.4 per cent. Next up was the park, at 33.5 per cent, followed by the cinem, at 29 per cent. School came out as the least favourite destination, scoring just 4.2 per cent of votes. Just above that was the theatre.

Green Flag marketing bigwig Candace Gerlach said: “With Brits spending more and more time on the roads, it’s no wonder the car is becoming an important place to chat – for parents and children alike.
“That said, we know there are still places families see as more valuable to spend quality time than in their vehicle. No matter the destination, having quality time with family is what’s important – which is why we promise to get our customers where they need to be.”


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