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Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce gets the Vitesse AuDessus carbon fibre treatment

Those with deep enough pockets to own a Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Coupe or Roadster may be pleased to know there are now carbon fibre packages available to make it stand out even more.

Purveyor of bespoke carbon fibre products Vitesse AuDessus announced a host of carbon fibre parts that can be added to the Lamborghini as a complete package or separately, making it an even more desirable car.

The Essentials Package adds a lower front bumper, side skirts, door mirrors and a rear diffuser, or you can opt for the Extended Package, which adds a carbon fibre bonnet. A gloss or matte finish is available for each part.

Vitesse AuDessus is said to be made using the ‘highest quality pre-preg carbon fibre fabric’ that is then autoclave-cured in CNC-milled aluminium molds before undergoing a meticulous inspection to ensure the quality at least meets factory fit and finish.

A highlight of the parts available are the lightweight carbon fibre wheels, which can be had in a Lamborghini Veneno seven-spoke design or the same design as the standard Aventador Super Veloce alloys. Several other designs are available.

Going the carbon fibre route for alloy wheels reduces the unsprung weight by more than 25kg (50lbs), which is said to improve the Lambo’s acceleration, handling and fuel economy. A special coating is used to protect them from the heat of the carbon ceramic brakes.

All parts either replace the existing factory option or add a lightweight veneer, depending on whether attached to the car’s monocoque, and come with a five-year warranty that includes defect or yellowing.

Parts take three to four weeks to be made and four to six wheels and can be shipped worldwide. Just 300 of each will be made.

How much for the privilege of dousing the Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce in carbon fibre, then? The Essentials Carbon Package costs US$15,525 or US$35,525 with alloys, which are available separately for US$25,000. So try to avoid kerbing them.

Meanwhile the Extended Carbon Package will set you back US$22,475 without with wheels and US$42,275 with. A price for the bare carbon fibre option is available on request.

Vitesse AuDessus Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce carbon pictures


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