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‘Lamborghini’ Sogna is £2 million of sheer unique ugliness

Lamborghinis are usually beautiful exotic machines, but on this occasion the apple fell lightyears from the tree. Say hello to an Italian stallion so ugly not even a mother couldn’t love it ─ and it’s yours for £2 million.

Technically it’s not actually an official Lamborghini. The Sogna – Italian for dreams, not a misspelling of the Eastenders character – was designed by designer head honcho Ryoki Yamazaki of Japanese company Art & Tech.

Yamazaki had dreamed of creating his dream car at the age 13 and at 41 he made it a reality, unveiling his creation at the 1991 Geneva Motor Show.

The Sogna was based on the Lamborghini Countach and had a custom body made from aluminium, while scissors doors and a questionable olive-ish green paintjob completed the look.

Yamazaki had wanted the Sogna to go on sale for US$1.6million, which in today’s money is about US$4 million. Bugatti Veyron pricing before the Veyron even existed – talk about visionary.

Fortunately for the sake of our eyesight, Art & Tech could only afford one engine, which meant the Sogna and its 455bhp 5.2-litre mid-mounted engine never went on sale. Only one complete car and an engine-less husk sitting in a French museum remain. It is, therefore, unique.

You can appreciate this was a car ahead of its time. Art & Tech said it had a top speed of 201mph, which is still considered bloody fast more than two decades on, but later dropped this to a still impressive 186mph. Let’s also not forget the aluminium body, which is only now becoming a common fixture in cars such as the Jaguar F-Type.

Whether you like how it looks, we have to hand it to Yamazaki. This looks almost as mental as the Ford GT90 concept and that arrived four years later.

If you want to ownthe Lamborghini Sogna you best have €2.38million (£2 million) at hand as the car is for sale on For that you could buy just about any supercar you wanted – except the Lamborghini Veneno, of course – but then most supercars have the luxury of more than one in existence.

Lamborghini Sogna pictures


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