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Life-size Lego hotrod is about as awesome as it gets

Merry Christmas. Our gift to you: Say hello to the working hotrod built entirely from Lego.

As children many of us probably built stuff out of Lego, Duplo, Meccano and all the other wannabes. But while our efforts were noble, they are nothing compared with what Romanian chap Raul Oaida built in his spare time.

20-year-old Oaida and Steve Sammartino built the life-size, fully working hotrod out of building blocks — everything except for the rims, tyres and gauges is made of Lego. Around 500,000 pieces were used in the building process.

Yes, this Lego model has been lavished with such attention to detail that it has 256 pistons and four orbital units that allow the fully operational radial engine to run on compressed air. Flat out, it’ll hit an impressive 18mph.

Its creators like to drive it steady for fear of a “Lego explosion” in the event of a crash. 

Why the hotrod, you ask? “Mainly because hotrods are cool,” Mr Sammartino said. Good point.

Since the YouTube video of the project went live it has amassed nearly 2 million views. Check it out in all of its glory below.



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