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Man builds supercar with builder’s foam

This unique creation known as Excalibur is more filler than killer

Meet foam-lover Audronis Gestautas, a man with a penchant for building red sports cars based on German marques. What’s more, he carves them from not from ordinary materials like metal or plastic, but from polyurethane foam — a material normally used to fill in gaps in brickwork. 

Gestautas proudly showing off his handiwork
Gestautas proudly showing off his handiwork

By day Gestautas is a lighting rep in the automotive sector. By night, he’s a hobbyist turning scrapped motors into works of art. His most recent project started life as a Mercedes CL and ended up, thanks to plentiful use of kevlar and the aforementioned PU foam, as an entirely different creation which he’s dubbed the CL500 AG Excalibur.

The car took two years to complete and first made its appearance at Monaco’s Top Marques car show. It was initially auctioned off for over £35,000, but has since been resold via ebay for £30,200. 

The CL500 AG Excalibur’s standout exterior features include its enormous front grille, hydraulic suspension and giant spinning alloy wheels — 24 inchers at the front and enormous 30 inchers at the rear. Its interior is just as unusual. Blingtastic Swarovski crystals grace the buttons and switches, while the seats, doors, dash and headliner are finished in beige leather. 

Eight cameras mounted around the bodywork feed an image back to a central display inside to help you avoid pranging the AG Excalibur in your local supermarket car park.

It’s certainly an achievement, but we’re still undecided about whether we like it or loathe it. What about you? Would you front 30 grand for foam?


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