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McLaren 570S Sprint: £148,000 of track-conquering British supercar

McLaren has announced full details of the 570S Sprint, a race variant of the 570S Coupe that sits in the more budget friendly Sports Series line-up.

The McLaren 570S Sprint is to the 570S Coupe what the P1 GTR is to the P1 hypercar, in that it has been revised heavily to make it better on track – at the expense of being allowed on the road.

Race-specific revisions include a more aggressive front splitter and a high temperature radiator, both of which are inherited from its GT4 cousin. Meanwhile front dive plates and a carbon fibre fixed rear wing provide extra downforce – more than any other car in the Sports Series range, in fact.

The 570S even gets its own engine oil in the form of New Life 0W-40, which was developed by McLaren Automotive technology partner Mobil 1.

Turning the rear wheels is the job of a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 good for 562bhp and 443lb/ft of torque mated to a seven-speed SSG transmission. A carbon fibre MonoCell II chassis used in all Sports Series models, meanwhile, provides strength and keeps the weight down. 

Lightweight magnesium alloys wrapped in Pirelli racing slick tyres, an FIA-approved rollcage, fire extinguisher system and six-point racing harness complete the package, which starts from £148,000. 

That makes the 570S Sprint a bit of a bargain when you consider the pedigree and P1 GTR inspiration at around seven per cent of the price. Even so, that’s house money (except in London, where that buys you the front door).

Anyone who wants to do proper racing can pay extra for the GT4 compliance pack, which makes the car compliant with GT4 competition. You can also spec something other than the standard McLaren Orange paintjob and various liveries.

Video: McLaren 570S Sprint


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