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McLaren just trolled the internet with hilarious ‘Electric P1’ video

McLaren has just released a video of the P1 Electric, but refrain from getting too excited because there is a bit of a plot twist at the end.

The YouTube video – filmed at Goodwood circuit – shows the McLaren P1’s electric hypercar cousin in action, with test driver Leo tasked with putting it through its paces – a job the four-year-old takes very seriously.

As you have probably now guessed, the punchline is that the video is all about McLaren’s electric toy car, capable of a top speed of 3mph, which it gets two in two seconds. A little short of what the standard 903bhp P1 can do, then.

The McLaren P1 may only be a toy, but it gets adult features such as a reverse gear, three-speed forward transmission and even the central seating location seen on the McLaren F1. Technically it only has one seat, but still.

Though we rather enjoyed the video, it seems a few viewers felt short-changed. “It leaves me bitterly disappointed, I was really excited,” said one, referring to an actual all-electric P1. Another added: “Got trolled by McLaren.”

Others commended the British manufacturer for building it. “Finally, a McLaren car that I can afford,” a YouTuber joked.

The ride-on McLaren P1 Electric is £375 and comes in Volcano Yellow, ensuring whoever drives it will be noticed. You can buy one from ‘selected McLaren retailers’ unless you live in Australia, China, Japan and New Zealand where it is currently unavailable.

Video: Behind the scenes testing theelectric Mclaren P1


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