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McLaren P1 GTR concept pictures and specs

Most of us would be content with creating one of the fastest supercars on the planet. But not McLaren, as it has just unveiled concept pictures of the P1 GTR.

The P1 GTR is a track-only version of the P1 hybrid and is built by McLaren Special Operations. As such, it features a host of design changes that – according to McLaren – make it ‘the best driver’s car in the world on track’. We prefer the term deranged.

Power has been increased by 86bhp, taking the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 to an astonishing 1,000PS (986bhp). This will no doubt help the P1 GTR better the standard P1‘s 0 to 62mph time of 2.8 seconds and top speed of 217mph. 

The track has been widened by 80mm and is coupled with a race-inspired splitter. Meanwhile the body has been shrink wrapped and an aerodynamic blade added behind the wheel arch to improve airflow. 19-inch motorsport alloys can be removed using quick-release centre locking nuts. 

A fixed height rear wing mounted on carbon fibre pylons with a hydraulically-operated Drag Reduction System helps boost acceleration and downforce. The fixed nature means the back of the car is smooth, as opposed to the P1, which can stow the rear wing within the bodywork. 

A straight cut, centrally-located twin pipe exhaust replaces the single exit variant. It is said to maximise the sound. Last but not least are bespoke Pirelli tyres, carbon diffuser below the car and a loud orange and silver paintjob.

Expect to pay £1.98 million for the McLaren P1 GTR. Assuming, of course, you can even get on the list. We doubt the production run will be that big, which is a shame because that back end deserves to been seen by many.

The McLaren P1 GTR comes twenty years after the F1 GTR.

Speaking of cars unfit for the road, McLaren recently unveiled a track-only version of its 650S supercar known as the 650S Sprint.

McLaren P1 GTR concept pictures


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