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McLaren P1 GTR programme is the ultimate petrolhead present

McLaren gave our inner car geek something to think about when the P1 GTR concept was unveiled back in August. Now a video has given us a glimpse into the driving programme that comes with it. Prepare to drool.

The McLaren P1 GTR is essentially a four-wheeled toy for deep-pocketed petrolheads who want to feel like a less talented Jenson Button or Lewis Hamilton. It has been designed exclusively for the track and promises to be a more lethal version of the road-legal P1 and a successor to the 20-year-old F1 GTR.

The P1 GTR has a stripped-out cockpit to save weight and a multifunction steering wheel derived from the championship-winning MP4-23 grand prix car. The latter gives drivers the ability to “fully adjust the setup and characteristics of the car without having to take their hands off the wheel”. 

There’s also McLaren carbon fibre racing buckets modelled after a DTM touring car with a six-point harness attached to the chassis, Pirelli rubbers for maximum grip and a fixed rear wing with the F1 inspired Drag Reduction System that keeps aerodynamics working in your favour at all speeds.

Buying the P1 GTR McLaren gets you more than just the car – you get taught how to use it. Like with Ferrari’s XX client test-driver programme, McLaren will let you use advanced simulators at the McLaren Technology Centre (usually reserved for racing drivers only) and take advantage of McLaren’s driving coaches and technicians.

Every owner gets 10 to 12 track sessions held at F1-certified tracks around the world, with access to their own garage and pit crew along the way to keep the 986bhp machine – capable of 0 to 62mph in 2.8 seconds – doing its thing.

McLaren P1 GTR programme director said: “The programme is about enabling our drivers to get the most out of the McLaren P1 GTR. Before they get out on track, each driver will join us at the MTC and have unprecedented access to the cutting edge facilities, including the racing simulator.

“This will enable drivers to build up a greater understanding of the car’s capabilities and true performance, as well as learning the braking and turn-in points before they arrive at the circuit. It also allows them to analyse and discuss their performance ahead of testing themselves in the real world situation, so they are fully prepared when they take to the track.

“It is a programme that has been developed over the years for our Formula 1 and our young drivers. It’s not just about fitness, but also about mental preparation, and looks at the full wellbeing of the driver, and prepares them mentally and physically for the activities they will experience on track.”

The stuff of dreams? You betcha. Watch the P1 GTR programme video below and hope you win the lottery or marry into great wealth. If you already tick either of those boxes, say adios to around £2 million.


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