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Meet the giant 500hp V8 jet ski James Bond would kill for

Ever found yourself wishing you could buy a boat-sized jet ski? If you answered that bizarre question with a yes, the Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod has your name on it.

Ignore the smutty name. The carbon fibre ‘personal water craft’ can seat two people comfortably – depending on the sea conditions, of course. Power comes from a 5.7-litre V8 engine, giving the V8 Wet Rod a ridiculous 300hp and a top speed of 65mph to play with.

The two lucky passengers can make use of a waterproof luggage box should they wish to bring along a picnic, while the built-in sound system lets you cruise the waves to the Baywatch theme. Or something less arropriate. Did we mention there is an under-seat ice box for cooling the champagne?

You will need a fair bit of space when it comes to parking your Wet Rod in a boatyard (not a euphemism). At 16 feet long, it makes your average jet ski look positively miniature.

It is possible to further pimp your water-based ride. Options include a custom trailer, presumably for dragging the BBQ with you, chrome dress up kit for the engine to make it look better, carbon and wood inlays for the interior, custom wrapping for the exterior and a GPS navigator so you can find your way back to land.

A quick look at the Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod concept pictures reveals what appears to be a hardtop version for those days when you don’t want the rain to ruin your seaside fun.

Reports say the V8 Wet Rod will go on sale later in 2014 for £30,000. That’s a pretty steep asking price, even if it is the Bentley of jet skis, but can you really put a price on something James Bond would undoubtedly own?

Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod pictures and video


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