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Mercedes plans to revive the Maybach

Mercedes has announced that the Maybach will be making a comeback as a more exclusive version of it’s current flagship car, the S Class. The awe-inspiring model will be known as the Mercedes-Maybach. 

The Mercedes-Mabach is set to be unveiled at the LA Auto Show and the Guangzhou motor show in China, both of which take place this week. 

This glammed up S-class has not strayed too far from its roots, although it’s 200mm longer than the current long-wheelbase S-class and marginally taller to provide a feeling of improved spaciousness. Naturally, there will be a variety of customization  options available, allowing buyers to truly make the car their own. 

The Mercedes-Maybachs sold in the UK will use the V12 engine featured in the S600 and it is expected that sales will begin at some point during the spring of next year. Prices have not been confirmed as of yet, however estimates suggest they will cost around £10-15k more than the standard S-class. 

Fans of the Pullman also have reason to be excited. Spokesmen for the German car company have alluded to releasing a large six-seater version of the S-class, emblazoned with the Pullman badge. 

This new branding strategy is part of an effort to let buyers know where each car sits in the company’s hierarchy, with the Maybach being in the upper echelons. 

The last of the original Maybachs were discontinued in 2012 due to poor sales. It is hoped that applying the Maybach brand to the already popular S-class will help sidestep such issues. 


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