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Mercedes S-Class coupe and cabrio versions planned

Mercedes-Benz will be expanding its new S-Class line-up to include a two-door coupe, it has been reported. According to Autocar, the S-Class coupe will replace the outgoing Mercedes-Benz CL. A cabriolet version is also planned.

Here's Autocar's impression of what the S-Class Coupe will look like. We wonder if it'll still have a fridge in the back.
Here’s Autocar’s impression of what the S-Class Coupe will look like. We wonder if it’ll still have a fridge in the back.

The S-Class Coupe promises muscular, sporty styling that embodies a purpose-built coupe rather than a two-door saloon, it is claimed. “The front is a lot more aggressive, there’s added structure to the flanks with a prominent drop line, a more rounded turret line and the rear overhang is significantly shorter,” the anonymous source said.

The S-Class has never been a particularly sporty car, so it remains to be seen whether this sort of vehicle will appeal to the marque’s core demographic of rich business folk that like to put their feet up in the rear quarters, sipping a sherry while someone else does the driving. Goodness knows how they’ll react to a toupe-blowing drop top.

In addition to the coupe and convertible models, Mercedes is also working on a more traditional saloon bodied S-Class, which will be a functional replacement for the now defunct Maybach brand. It is understood the new S-class will be available in three different lengths – standard, long and extra-long wheelbase – with the extra-long variant bearing the Pullman limousine branding. Each variant will maintain similar styling, barring the amount of rear space offered.

Unless a spanner is thrown in the works, the S-class replacement will surface in its standard and long forms this year at the Frankfurt motor show in September. The Pullman-branded version is allegedly going to appear next year, potentially at the Beijing motor show.

According to Autocar, the new coupe model will be unveiled at the 2014 Geneva motor show, with the wind-in-your-hair cabriolet appearing six months later at the Paris motor show.

Prices are obviously not available but we expect the S-Class coupe to cost in the region of £90,000. At least you have plenty of time to save up and remortgage your house.

Via: Autocar


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