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Mercedes Vision makes your golf buggy look rubbish

Mercedes has shown off its own take on the humble golf buggy at The Open at Muirfield in East Lothian. The result is anything but humble.

The Vision Golf Car concept looks like it was designed more for negotiating the surface of the moon than lush grass. It’s powered by a lithium-ion battery pack that drives an electric motor, which in turn drives the wheels. Solar panels allow it to recharge as it goes about its business, but it can also be plugged into a socket overnight if the forecast turns sour.

Blasting music from your iPod as you wait for your fellow golfers to take a shot is probably going to upset the check trouser brigade, but the Vision Golf Car does give you the option of a docking station as well as USB and Bluetooth connectivity for devices not made by Apple.

Other luxuries include LED headlights – handy for finding lost balls at dusk – a head-up display that lets you check your current score, remaining battery etc., cabin heaters for cold courses and a system that lets you communicate with other Vision Golf Cars nearby.

There’s even access to a map of the golf course you are playing, weather reports so you know when to grab a coat and a ‘fore’ button in case your accuracy is a bit rubbish. Did we mention steering is taken care of with a joystick? Yes, steering wheels are so 2013.

At the moment this automotive oddity is just a concept. So you’re stuck with the old-style golf buggy for a bit longer.


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