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Minister proposes adding ‘distinction’ grade to driving tests

A government minister has suggested the existing ‘pass or fail’ driving test would benefit from a grade of ‘distinction’ given to the safest drivers.

Conservative MP Matthew Hancock believes a driving test system more focussed on rewarding individual skill level would allow young motorists who drive especially well to get cheaper car insurance premiums.

Such a system could have the added benefit of encouraging drivers to aspire to a ‘distinction’, making them safer when they pass.

“People say the driving test is just pass or fail. But actually if we had a distinction on the driving test, maybe those people could get lower premiums and be safer drivers,” Mr Hancock explained at a car factory in Oxford.

The idea comes amid a number of proposed changes aimed at reducing the death toll of young drivers. These include the suggestion of having young drivers being accompanied by an adult at certain times of the day for the first year, mandatory ‘P’ probationary plates and the higher minimum driving age of 18.

UK driving tests currently only give a pass or fail at the end of the test, however, a report card does elaborate on how many minor and major faults a driver has accumulated and why. 15 minors and/or one major fault results in a failed test.

In 2012 drivers aged 24 and less were involved in a quarter of all driving accidents that caused death or serious injury, according to government statistics.

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Source: Daily Mail

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