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Minivan rolls into lake while Australian couple has sex in the back

There are various things that can ruin a bit of vehicle-based hanky panky, but perhaps none quite as dangerous as when the minivan you are making love in rolls into a lake.

Unfortunately for a 49-year-old man and his 42-year-old girlfriend, exactly that happened. Reports say they were engaged in certain extra-curricular activities when the car started to move and reacted too slowly to put on the brakes.

Luckily the naughty couple were quick enough to escape through the windows and swim to the shore of Lake Plansee in Tyrol, Austria, just as the car got exceptionally wet. No injuries sustained bar the embarassment, of course.

The couple called the emergency services to help retrieve their Mercedes minivan and firefighters worked quickly to prevent any damage to the lake by assessing if it was safe to remove the vehicle. A crane was then used to fish it out.

“The vehicle had to be retrieved immediately as there was a risk it could cause pollution and damage the environment,” a spokesperson for the fire brigade told the Daily Mail online.

You might accuse the Germans of being a reserved bunch but research suggests 56 per cent have had sex in their car, according to a poll by road behaviour rating website

The data found those aged 20 to 30 were just as likely to engage in car sex as those aged 50-60, while women were just as likely to give it a go as men.

It is unclear if the couple will receive a slap on the wrist for their lake-side sexy time and whether they will be quite so inclined to have fun outside of the bedroom. Best to check the handbrake is on, folks.

Speaking of sex in the car, is it legal? We decided to find out ─ here’s the naked truth.


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