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Motorist caught out by his beard whilst speeding

A speeding motorist tried to avoid a driven ban by blaming his own mother, but was caught out by his beard.

A motorist was caught on CCTV speeding, and it was his beard which gave him away. Noveed Mumtaz, from Hale, was a compulsive speeder who had been given a number of speeding tickets whilst driving luxury cars. Yet he often managed to weasel his way out of fines by shifting the blame onto different members of his family, even ones who lived abroad. 

When Mr Mumtaz was caught speeding in an Audi R8 on the Radcliffe Road in Bury, he convinced his 64-year-old mother to take the blame for him. However, when police consulted CCTV footage, they found that the driver had a full, black beard. 

Until his trial at Manchester Crown Court, Mr Mumtaz still continued to deny the offence, before pleading guilty to three counts of perverting the court of justice. He was jailed for six months. 

Lindsey Kushner QC, trial judge, said that the seriousness of Mr Mumtaz’s offence warranted a jail sentence. She said: “The whole structure of our legal system, in particular with motoring offences, depends on people having a notion of honesty. It’s very easy to avoid responsibility by lying and cheating – but if people did that on a wholesale basis our system of justice would implode.”

PC Vaughan Sherrah-Davies of Manchester Police’s roads unit stated: “Mumtaz had the option to take a £60 fine and three points on his licence, but he chose to run the risk of gambling it all. That has now backfired and got him a worse punishment than he could have imagined.”

Mr Mumtaz’s wife said he was “caught in the trappings of a flamboyant lifestyle” in his job as the director of a luxury car hire company. 

Sounds like Blackbeard won’t be driving in any more of his Audi Arrrr 8s any time soon. Do you think he deserved a longer jail sentence? Drop a comment below to let us know. 



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