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Moveo folding electric scooter can be carried everywhere

If you’re thinking of making the jump from four wheels to two but don’t want to be part of the Vespa-riding herd then cop a load of this Moveo, an electric scooter that can fold up and be carried like a suitcase.

Fully extended, the Moveo resembles a cross between a motorbike, a scooter and a unicycle being headbutted by a penguin. Riders sit on a cushioned seat with a backrest, twist a handle and the thing zooms into life. Small hub motors built into both wheels give it enough grunt to propel you along at a maximum of 28mph, while a built-in battery gives it a range of 22 miles.

While most scooters have to be chained up outside, where they’ll invariably be pushed over, vandalised or stolen, the Moveo can follow its owner almost anywhere once their initial journey is complete. The Moveo folds down to the size of a suitcase and has a small handle and a tiny supplementary wheel that let you drag it along the floor.

The Moveo is certainly clever, but it’s by no means perfect. Its major achilles heel is its weight – it tips the scales at a hefty 25kg, so we imagine it’d be quite tricky lugging up and down stairs etc. Also, the seat and seatback don’t fold up with the rest of the unit, you have to carry that separately on your back like a rucksack.

Tamas Slezak, CEO of the Antro Group, which created the product, thinks the Moveo is the future of personal mobility. “The Moveo is ultra light-weight and is the best additional vehicle to public transport,” he said. “You can travel eco-friendly in the easiest and quickest way, and our innovative product will suit commuters in big cities around the world.”

The Movie isn’t on sale as yet, but Slezak claims the product is almost ready for production and just requires a little investment before it reaches the market.

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