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New 2015 Ferrari 458 gets a turbo, huge bhp and low emissions

The updated 458 Italia gets an even more super 670bhp thanks to the addition of a Turbocharger.

Now Ferrari’s finished mucking about with the 458 Speciale, LaFerrari and California T, it’ll turn its attentions to the 458 Italia, which will be blessed with a bonkers new turbocharged engine.

The refreshed 458 Italia will push another 73bhp on the 458 Speciale
The refreshed 458 Italia will push another 73bhp on the 458 Speciale

It is likely the 458 refresh will feature a 3.8-litre V8 turbo — much like the engine that features in the new California T. The turbo could push brake horsepower from 562 to somewhere in the region of 670, with CO2 emissions expected to be somewhere in the region of 275g/km.

To meet EU-enforced CO2 legislation, Ferrari needs to be seen to be whittling down its CO2 average. That’s not going to happen if the new 458 gets the naturally-aspirated 4.5-litre engine of the 458 Speciale. The more petite turbocharged engine assists with the all-important CO2 savings, without compromising performance.

The turbo will throw up a couple of challenges though. For a start, the 458’s lovely exhaust note may be compromised — we only have to look at turbocharging in Formula 1 to see how the move from naturally aspirated to turbo power can ruin a car’s noise. Maranello’s current plan is to mimic the complex exhaust system of the California T, which helps maintain aural delights.

Ferrari has suggested the new 458 will not only be tested at its usual Fiorano circuit, but also at the Nurburgring, which might finally give us a clue as to how Ferrari’s finest compares with its rivals tested at the so-called Green Hell. Ordinarily, it’s not like the Italians to hit the Nordschliefe, but pushing boundaries often means crossing them.

More on this as we get it. 


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