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New James Bond film Spectre promises Aston Martin DB10 action

The trailer for the new James Bond film is here and with it comes a shedload of action, guns, suave British sophistication and, of course, a few clips of the car chases.

Spectre follows on from Skyfall, with James Bond (Daniel Craig) being sent a cryptic message that sends him and his collection of tailored suits and silenced handguns to Mexico City and later Rome.

Apparently some widow named Lucia Sciarra (Monica Bellucci) helps Bond get into a super secret meeting that reveals the existence of a mean group of people called Spectre lead by Ralph Fiennes (Christopher Waltz).

Cue the usual explosions, car chases, attractive ladies and cheesy one-liners the movies have become so famous for.

As par for the course, the latest Bond film is basically a catalogue for Jaguar Land Rover products, except most are blown up or written off in spectacular fashion. Bond’s car, meanwhile, is an Aston Martin DB10 with a manual gearbox (automatics are for wimps) because, let’s face it, it would be odd if he rocked up in an MG.

On the subject of the new Aston, just 10 will be built and the price is unknown. Not that it matters because all have probably sold already. Luckily the DB10 gives us a glimpse of future model styling so there’s plenty of time to start saving for a DB11.

The trailer feels all-too familiar but Skyfall was a great romp so we have high hopes Spectre, which arrives in cinemas on the 26th of October 2015, will be just as watchable. The US launch is the 6th of November.

New James Bond: Spectre trailer video


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