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Nissan 370Z Nismo ready to be unleashed

Nissan’s busted out a souped-up version of the already sporty 370Z. Introducing, ladies and gentlefolk, the Nissan 370Z Nismo, the baby brother of the GT-R Nismo.

The Nismo’d-up 370Z will be available to buy across Europe as of September 2014. It’ll bring more than a few benefits over the standard car — which is unsurprising, seeing as the Nismo brand has been tearing up racing series such as Le Mans, Daytona and the FIA GT Championship for longer than we care to remember.

The 370Z Nismo is more powerful than the standard car.
The 370Z Nismo is more powerful than the standard car.

Specifically, the 370Z Nismo features a host of exterior tweaks including a larger air intake, more air inlets in front of the wheel arch, new daytime-running LEDs, red Nismo trim along the base of the bumper and 19-inch Rays alloys finished in black and silver.

Round the back, the 370Z Nismo gets a new bumper and a spoiler which works together with the front splitter to create ‘significantly’ more downforce when driving at speed — more than any of its rivals, according to Nissan.

The 370Z Nismo gets added grunt, too, in comparison to the standard car. It uses the same 3.7-litre engine, but in this case it produces 344PS (up from 328PS) giving it a 0-62mph time of 5.2 seconds. Like the previous 370Z, the Nismo edition retains Nissan’s awesome Synchro Rev Control, which blips the throttle to increase engine revs during up and downshifts for smoother gear changes.

Nissan’s apparently introduced a few tweaks to improve the driving experience and passenger comfort. The 370Z Nismo has altered rear springs and damper rates, new carpets, and a tweaked inner rear wheel arch protector that helps reduce road noise. 

Nissan has yet to tell us the price of the 370Z Nismo, but we’ll update you the second we have any news. In the meantime, check out the pics in our gallery. 

Nissan 370Z Nismo Pictures



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