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Nürburgring claims legendary BMW Ring Taxi

Even the most experienced drivers mess up. Don’t believe us? Watch the following video of the BMW Ring Taxi driver smack into a metal barrier at the Nürburgring, having lost control of V8-powered BMW M5.

The video shows the unnamed Ring Taxi driver enter into the corner with the correct amount of speed to leave in one piece, closely followed by a red Porsche 911. Unfortunately the back end slides out and the necessary correction comes too slowly. Next thing you know, bonnet and barrier are making out.

Human or mechanical error to blame?
Human or mechanical error to blame?

Brave souls usually pay the Ring Taxi service to give them a high-speed lap of the deadly Nürburgring in a 560bhp, 4.4-litre BMW M5. In this case, they got more of an experience than they bargained for. 

Before you take to the internet to say you could do a better job, remember this is one of the toughest circuits in the world – a circuit that was deemed to dangerous for Formula One. Most people struggle to remember all 73 corners, let alone hit then at the correct speed.

Also bear in mind the Ring Taxi has been doing its thing since 1986. In that time it has ferried 90,000 passengers over 30,000 laps of the Green Hell, according to Top Gear. We’re just happy the driver and passengers only had to endure a slight knock when probability inevitably kicked in.

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Nürburgring Ring Taxi crash video


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