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Paper Lamborghini Aventador makes your origami skills look rubbish

Owning a Lamborghini is a pipe dream for most normal folk. Short of discovering an oil well in your garden, chances are you’ll be stuck with a grotty hatchback for the foreseeable future — unless you build your own at home, that is.

Take artist Taras Lesko, who did exactly that. The 23-year-old enlisted the help of his father to create this amazing, life-sized replica of the Lamborghini Aventador Interceptor police car from the video game Need For Speed. 

Okay, so they can’t drive around in the thing as it has no seats. And no engine. And no protection from rain. But there’s no denying the 8×3.8×2.1ft creation is marvellous to behold.

This isn’t Lesko’s first foray into the world of origami supercars – he also created a life-sized Honda NSX race car in August 2010, but he admits the Lambo was the most expensive model to make — hadly surprising considering the real life car’s intricate design. 

Those of you thinking about folding your own super car using ordinary office stationary might have a bit of a job on your hands. The Paper Lambo is made from special chipboard-reinforced Architectural E2 paper, which has excellent structural rigidity. You’ll also need a fair bit if talent and a lot of time on your hands.

Fancy your own but lack the skill to fold one with your own fair hands? Good news: it’s  possible to buy a smaller version from Lesko’s Visual Spicker store for US$4, or US$6.30 if you also want a standard Lamborghini Aventador included. 

Here you can even buy paper upgrades such as a spoiler.

Scroll on down to see the making of this work of art in high-speed. 


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