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Pet dog kills owner by running him over

A 68-year-old Florida resident met a grizzly and somewhat unusual end recently after being run over by his pet dog.

Dog bites man, man bites dog, dog runs over man.
Dog bites man, man bites dog, dog runs man over.

James Campbell was travelling as a passenger in his vehicle with his partner Iris Fortner at the wheel. Upon reaching their home, Campbell stepped out of the vehicle to open the gates to his driveway. Seconds later, when Fortner stepped out to see where he’d gone, the couple’s pet boxer bulldog jumped into the driver footwell, pushed the accelerator pedal and caused the vehicle to reverse into Campbell, trapping him under its wheels.

The local Escambia County Emergency Medical Services pronounced Mr Campbell dead at the scene.

56-year-old Fortner told Florida Highway Patrol officers she tried to prevent the accident at their home in Cantonment on the Florida Panhandle, a suburb north of downtown Pensacola, but was unable to do so in time because of the dog’s size. Fortner has not been charged, the Daily Mail reported, but Mr Campbell’s death is being investigated.

Surprisingly, this is not the first case of a dog inadvertently causing vehicular harm to its owner. Christopher Bishop, aged 43 at the time of the incident, was checking for oil leaks under his Ford F-150 truck when his bulldog jumped into the cab and knocked it into gear. Subsequently, the truck drove over his left side. Fortunately, no serious injury was sustained and Mr Bishop was able to bring the vehicle to a stop.

Although the chances are slim of this happening to you, if you have pets around, as cute and innocent as they may be, it is probably best to turn the engine off, take the keys out and put the handbrake on firmly. This is particularly important as a growing number of dogs have actually begun learning to drive.

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