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Police catch learner driver being supervised by a parrot

Police deem a parrot unable to supervise a learner driver in her fifties.

It seems some people are unclear what is deemed an appropriate supervisor when learning to drive, as one woman in her fifties had her car confiscated by police after she was caught driving with only a parrot for company.

The unnamed woman was caught speeding near junction 22 on the M62 motorway in West Yorkshire, MSN Cars reported, when police discovered the grey bird in the back. It’s not clear whether the unnamed passenger was sat in its cage or flapping about at the time of the incident.

West Yorkshire Roads Police (@WestYorksPolce) later tweeted a picture of the parrot on January 26th with the words: “Say hello to my little friend. Unfortunately his owner has a provisional licence, and since parrots are not authorised to supervise learner drivers, her vehicle has been seized by us on the M62.”

The woman now likely faces a fine and a delay to her driving career for speeding and driving without a licence and insurance.

The law requires a provisional licence holder to drive alongside a supervisor who is aged at least 21 years and has held a full licence for at least three years. L plates must be displayed at the front and back of the car. Motorway driving is only permitted if learning to drive a bus or lorry.

In related news a parrot told police their owner was drunk at the wheel.


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