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Police chief volunteers to be tasered to raise money for new patrol car

A US police chief has volunteered to be tasered in a bid to raise money for a new patrol car. Brave Danny Baker, 63, works in the small police department in Knightstown, Indiana, which is facing equipment shortages due to the department’s lack of money. 

Mr Baker’s police force only have four patrol cars, and these are already experiencing mechanical and electrical problems. He is hoping to raise $9,000 (£5,500) through the stunt, which will buy a new patrol car for the police force. 

Tasers are non-lethal, but they are pretty powerful. Mr Baker said: “It’s a shame we have to go to the extent of having fundraisers and getting electrified and so forth. But with small-town budgets you have to do something to get by.” Tasers use high voltage electrical shocks to incapacitate offenders. They are starting to become more and more popular amongst UK police forces. 

This particular type of fundraising is a little different from Mr Baker’s usual charity events. In the past, he has raised around $8,000 for his hog roasts and golf outings for the police department to buy forensic equipment. Depending on how much he raises through being tasered, Mr Baker may now wish he stuck to his traditional hog-roasting rather than opting to be electrified. 

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