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Police hunt drive-by bottom spanking youths

Bottom-spanking bandits have been driving around in cars, slapping women’s bottoms as they pass, it has emerged. Police in Cumbria, in the North-West of England, have launched an investigation after a number of female cyclists reported having their bums spanked by youths in a passing car.

The victims have reported being targeted by the unidentified youth in a black car. It has been claimed the suspects have been pulling alongside, leaning out of the window of the car and allegedly assaulting the women before driving off in fits of laughter.

According to reports, the latest incident caused a visibly shocked female cyclist to wobble, lose control of her bike and nearly fall off.

The suspects have been targeting lycra-clad female cyclists riding in the Barrow area. So far three furious cyclist have filed reports, but it is believed many more victims are either too embarassed to come forward, or believe it’s too trivial an issue to report to police.

A police spokesman said “While fortunately no injuries were caused, it could have led to a serious accident.”

The father-in-law of one of the victims said: “I can imagine the possible consequences if she had lost control as a result of this incident.There were several incidences of this during the Keswick-to-Barrow walk one year, and I am pleased the police took it seriously.”

The suspects have reportedly been driving a black car and could be targeting women across the entire Lake District.

Image: Flickr
Source: Daily Mail


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