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Police seize over 700 car badges from Coventry thief

Police have seized over 700 stolen car badges from a thief who claimed she bought them from ‘car boot sales’

Police have seized over 700 car badges which are believed to have been stolen in the Coventry area. The badge thief, 49-year-old Maxine-Ann Sokil, was caught when she flogged the badges on eBay and a potential buyer recognised a badge from Coventry Transport Museum. 

A thief was found guilty of nicking over 700 car badges.
A thief was found guilty of nicking over 700 car badges.

The potential buyer reported the discovery to the staff at the museum, who then called the police. Ms Sokil’s flat was raided, and police discovered the enourmous stash of badges.

She insisted that she had bought them from scrap yards and car boot salesbut she was later found guilty of theft, attempted theft, and handling stolen property. She was given a 12 month community sentence and a 10-week overnight curfew. On top of that, she was ordered to pay £200 costs and a £60 victim surcharge. 

Helen Whitehead, of West Midlands CPS, said: “Although such crime may be viewed by some as low level, it is exactly this type of offending which blights communities and has an adverse effect on victims.” 

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