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Police shooting of bike thief captured on film

Armed police, gun shots, a bike-jacking ─ it sounds like the opening of a Hollywood film? Yet there’s nothing scripted about footage you are about to see.

A motorcyclist from Sao Paulo, Brazil, was going about his daily business on his bike when two assailants pulled up in front of him at a red light, intent on hijacking his wheels, Grand Theft Auto-style.

One of the assailants, seen brandishing a pistol in the video, tells the biker to get off his bike. Fearing for his life, the unnamed motorcyclist backs off to let the thief do his thing while an accomplice on a red motorcycle hovers nearby.

Shortly afterwards, karma kicks in. A random police officer seen getting out of a nearby vehicle shoots the armed thief twice from close range, causing the second assailant to flee the scene in rapid fashion.

Because of the angle of the video, it’s difficult to see where the two shots hit the thief. Reports say he will survive to tell the tale, which is lucky given the police officer’s severe law enforcement methods.

Portuguese translations by users on Reddit suggest the exchange between the thief and officer was pretty heated:

Officer: “Now you’re gonna rot in hell you son of a bitch.”

Thief: “I got shot.”

Officer: “You go f*** yourself! You’re the one pointing [a] gun at other people’s face!”

Thief: “Oh, I’m gonna die.”

Thief: “You sure will! You should have already! Son of a b*****.”

The video was captured on film because motorcyclists use helmet-mounted cameras for insurance purposes. That way no one can weasel out of a claim or throw the blame onto others.

Dispite the chilling scenes, bystanders don’t seem remotely bothered. No one speeds off in fear or gets out to help the officer or even the thief bleeding on the floor ─ nobody in the vicinity is remotely bothered. Perhaps it’s an everyday occurrence in Sao Paolo.

Some internet commenters are labelling the cop as a hero, while others are saying it’s just another day in Brazil. Either way, the video is a reminder that crime rarely pays.

Source: Gawker


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