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Prankster Remi Gaillard dresses up as speed camera and flashes motorists

Legendary prankster Remi Gaillard is back with another classic video. The French funster, famous for filming a video in which he re-enacted Mario Kart on the streets of Paris, has released a clip of himself posing as a speed camera.

OK, so the video isn’t actually new – it was released back in January 2013 and has racked up some 17 million views and counting. We’re late, but it’s undeniably epic so we’ve decided to show it to you anyway. In the clip, shot in France, Gaillard can be seen posing by the side of various roads with a model of a speed camera over his head and torso, flashing a light at passing motorists.

The reactions of the startled drivers are what make this video so hilarious. Most of them slam on the brakes after being flashed by the ‘camera’ and any tenuous hope the flash may have been directed them in particular are lost when Gaillard spins around, flashes some more and gives chase.

In typical Gaillard fashion, Remi finishes the video by targeting police. The Frenchman flashes his ‘camera’ at local gendarms, who immediately stop, reverse and run after him. Does our intrepid hero get away? Well, no – needless to say he’s not particularly agile with a bloody great big model of a speed camera over his head.

Watch the video and enjoy.

Via: Aol


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