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PSCO caught drink-driving by police

Police Community Support Officer arrested for being under the influence moments after he had pulled in driver.

A Police Community Support Officer was arrested by police for driving under the influence shortly after he had confronted a driver over alleged cannabis possession, it has emerged. A video of the event, which happened on April 23rd 2013, was recently uploaded to YouTube.

44-year-old PCSO Andrew Seston had pulled over car dealer Irfan Mehrban in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire for a routine stop. Mehrban said he thought he could smell cannabis. An argument kicked off and Seston called for police backup.

Mehrban had also called the police because he could smell alcohol on the breath of Seston. When the police showed up the PCSO was suspected of drinking and breathalysed. He was found to be twice over the legal limit, having consumed two bottles of wine the previous night, and was arrested at the scene.

The YouTube video shows Mehrban filming the event on his smartphone and gloating to the PCSO. “Can I have him arrested for drink-driving? I want him arrested for drink-driving,” he said to police on scene before adding: “Sorry mate, you shouldn’t have started on me, innit?”

Seston pleaded guilty to driving under the influence at Aylesbury Magistrates Court and was banned from driving for 12 months and fined £170. He has since resigned from Thames Valley Police.

“Andrew Seston is no longer employed by Thames Valley Police and so as he is not an employee, we would not comment,” a spokesman for Thames Valley Police said.


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