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Quarter of women see their ‘perfect man’ in a convertible

First we’re told women care little about the car you drive. Now it seems the fairer sex have a particular car in mind when it comes to their Prince Charming.

22 per cent of women said they see their ‘perfect man’ driving a convertible. Preferably with Audi badge on the front, because it worked out as the manufacturer of choice.

35 per cent said an ideal trip would be along the Amalfi coast in Italy with the roof down. A trip through the Scottish Highlands in a luxury saloon came out as the second most popular trip with their dream man at the wheel.

Only three per cent of women said they wanted a man in an estate. The next most popular car type overall was a luxury saloon, with 21 per cent of women wanting to be seen in an Audi (18 per cent) or a BMW (12 per cent). Ferrari and Porsche turned proved unpopular, with 2 and 3 per cent, respectively. 

A 4×4 proved as popular on average as a luxury saloon. It was found to be the most number one choice in Northern Ireland and last place in the East Midlands.

In case you lack a convertible and the funds for a European road trip, you can make yourself more popular simply by learning how to change a tyre. 66 per cent of women said their perfect guy can do just that, while 43 per cent said they wanted a man who would fill up their car with fuel. 

Other ways to please the ladies included bringing them a cup of tea in bed (54 per cent), laughing at their jokes (53 per cent), being a non-smoker (57 per cent) and ironing your own shirts (50 per cent). 53 per cent also said they liked a man who used his free time to travel.

Europcar UK Managing Director Ken McCall said: “We thought it would be fun to find out what women are looking for in the perfect man and it appears that today’s women want the perfect balance between James Bond’s jet-set style and sophistication, combined with practicality and sensitivity. 

“But whether he plays sport or plays an instrument, most women agree he should be in a convertible – a car that’s says luxury without being flashy.” 

The survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of car rental company Europa looked at 2,000 heterosexual women in the UK in August 2014.


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