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Reasons to avoid public transport #131: Train windows will send ads straight into your brain

There are plenty of reasons to choose cars over public transport. Just take trains for example; they’re often full of drunkards, chavs putting their disgusting feet on the seats and they never go exactly where you need them to.

Sky wants train windows to send commercial messages directly into your brain.
Sky wants train windows to send commercial messages directly into your brain.

And it doesn’t end there – rail travel may soon take a turn for the worse if and when Sky releases a system that allows train windows to whisper commercials directly into passengers’ ears.

Sky’s Talking Windows technology is based on a phenomenon known as bone conduction. A small device connected to the window sends inaudible high frequency vibrations across the pane of glass, effectively turning the panel into a speaker. When tired commuters rest their heads against windows connected to the device, the vibrations are picked up by the bones in their skull and the brain interprets them as sound.

Talking Windows can communicate any type of message Sky chooses. It should therefore come as no surprise to learn the system will be used to play adverts showcasing Sky’s products directly into people’s heads.

It is undoubtedly very clever, but also incredibly creepy. We don’t know about you, but the last thing we’d want when trying to catch a bit of shut-eye on a train is to be freaked out by a strange disembodied voices in our heads trying to persuade us to upgrade to Sky broadband. Then again, at least it might stop us falling asleep and missing our stop.

What do you think? Would you welcome this technology on your train or is it a bridge too far?

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