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Recombu Awards 2014: Best Performance Car

The Recombu Awards 2014 have been and gone. In the wake of the partying we can announce the winners, starting with the Best Performance Car.

Whittling down to just one winner from a shortlist of 13 cars was no easy task. But after much deliberation, coffee, punch-ups and arguing, a winner rose to the top.

The BMW i8 is the Best Performance Car 2014.

The sheer variety of cars shortlisted made for an interesting category. The VW Golf R manages to melt your face yet has space for kids and luggage, while the Tesla Model S can out-accelerate some Ferraris without drinking a sip of fossil fuel. 

Then there’s the Lamborghini Huracan, which is always a poster child for the supercar, the utterly mental Alfa Romeo 4C go-kart – even if it doesn’t have a boot – and McLaren’s show of British engineering force in the form of the 650S.

Ultimately, though, the crown goes to the BMW i8. Not only does it look unique, it feels like BMW has brought back something from the future. Its performance is blistering, it’s incredibly fun to drive and it can do more than 100mpg, thanks to its hybrid powertrain. 

It’s more than just impressive on paper, though. The whine of the electric motor and roar of the petrol engine make it a car that never gets boring at speed, while the interior could double as the bridge of a star ship.

Overall then, the BMW i8 is a beast. It’s super in the sense it looks after the planet without being boring, and it’s a fabulous drive. 

Winner: BMW i8



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