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Recombu Awards 2015: Best Performance Car

Last night we crowned the Best Performance Car at the Recombu Awards 2015 in London. Find out our shortlist and the winner here.

Every year is a good year to be a motoring journalist, but 2015 was especially memorable, with fast and desirable cars raising the bar for what a performance car should deliver left, right and centre.

Our shortlist of seven cars is worth in excess of £1 million, with the Mercedes-AMG GT S, McLaren 675LT and Porsche 911 GTS taking up a big chunk of that change. Tough competition, make no mistake.

But not every shortlisted car was megabucks. In fact, the Mazda MX-5 (once again) proves you can have affordable petrolhead thrills, while the Range Rover Sport SVR shows it is possible to combine off-roading with V8 insanity and the ability to go round corners ludicrously fast.

There can, of course, only be one winner, and 74 coffees and hours of arguing deliberation later, we decided on a more unusual choice.

For us, Bentley’s Continental GT Speed blends high performance with luxury in a way few cars can even dream of, let alone offer. Sit in one and you feel like a champion among men, surrounded by British engineering excellence, lavish materials and staggering attention to detail.

It is as savage as it is comforting. Its 626bhp W12 twin-turbocharged petrol is capable of propelling the GT Speed to 206mph, while it will complete the 0-100mph sprint in just nine seconds – and best of all, it’s incredibly easy to keep it all on the road thanks to Bentley’s clever all-wheel-drive system. 

Once you’ve driven it, it’s easy to appreciate the engineering and beauty behind this machine, which is why we crowned it Best Performance Car 2015.

Winner: Bentley Continental GT Speed


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