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Red Bull X2014 is the craziest car you will see this year

Just when it felt like we were becoming immune to concept car wow-factor, Red Bull reignites our passion with a truly inspiring concept that’s madder than a bag of spiders.

The Red Bull X2014 concept, unveiled as part of the Gran Turismo 6 launch party in Ronda, Spain, looks like a Formula One and Le Mans car did the nasty and had a child, which was then abducted by aliens and sent back to earth with super powers and futuristic technology. 

The X2014, which draws inspiration from the X1 concept found in Gran Turismo 5, can’t actually be driven in real life, but it’s a hell of a thing in the virtual world. Sebastien Vettel took it for a spin on the virtual Nurburgring in GT6, where it bettered the time achieved by his virtual F1 car by 30 seconds. 

Three versions of the Red Bull X2014 will be available in Gran Turismo 6. We’re guessing Junior will be the slowest, Fan the fastest and Standard will sit somewhere between the two. 

Exact details won’t be known until Red Bull gives us more info, or we grind our way through GT6 to get the specs, which we will happily do. For your benefit, of course.

The X2014 was designed by Adrian Newey, the same chap who gave us the only slightly less bonkers X1, not to mention four championship-winning Red Bull F1 cars.

Gran Turismo 6 will hit the shops worldwide on December 6th on PS3. Early adopters of the PS4 will need to look elsewhere for their racing thrills for now.

Red Bull X2014 picture


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