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Renault Zoe E-Sport concept: The 456bhp electric hatchback with supercar pace

This, ladies and gentleman, is what happens when Renault puts the power of electric motors in a small hatchback. Say hello to the little electric supercar killer that is as green as it is mean.

Geneva Motor Show 2017: Renault has unveiled a sporty concept car that showcases both its small car pedigree and Formula E technologies. It is called the Zoe E-Sport and is faster than most supercars. Here are all the juicy details.

1) It has the power to make supercars weep

Forget the combustion engine for a second, the Renault Zoe E-Sport makes use of two electric motors that generate a whopping 456bhp and 640Nm of torque – nearly as much as a Jaguar XJ220. Or 100Nm more than the Audi R8 V10.

2) Warp speed is an understatement

What is better than 640Nm of torque? 640Nm of torque you can access almost instantly, allowing the Renault E-Sport concept to rocket from 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds. That is around the same as a Ferrari 458 Italia. 0-130mph? You need only wait less than 10 seconds to reach its capped top speed.

3) Weight is a slight issue

Okay, so ditching the rear seats helps keep the weight down. But the battery pack needed to power the Zoe E-Sport weighs 450kg on its own, bringing the total to 1,400kg. Mind you, that is still considerably lighter than a BMW M4. We can thank generous use of carbon fibre and kevlar for that.

4) Four-wheel drive is part of the deal

In keeping with its electric performance the Zoe E-Sport has four-wheel drive, which means all wheels can distribute that sizable dollop of power to the floor, enhancing its performance and ensuring it can handle slippery terrain like a champ.

5) Renault has made it super sporty

The Zoe E-Sport is lower, has a wider track and within its sizable arches are 20-inch diamond cut alloys for a more aggressive stance. It also gets double-wishbone suspension and Ohlins four-way adjustable dampers to enhance the ride, Recaro bucket seats for more support and bigger brakes for more stopping power.

6) Four driving modes vary the character

Depending on whether the driver wants maximum range or maximum performance, the Renault Zoe E-Sport provides a choice of four driving modes. Each mode can also be tailored for a situation, depending on the circuit or track you are on and how much power you want sent to the back or front wheels.

7) The styling is as mad as the performance

The satin blue and yellow livery of the Renault E.Dams helps the E-Sport’s quirky exterior stand out, while a rectangular steering wheel, blue inserts and harsh edges in aluminium make the cabin feel like you stepped into the future. Or a toy. The fact you can open the doors simply by touching them is a nifty touch.

8) It will go further than a standard Zoe

Let’s be honest, utilising all 456bhp every time you come to a set of traffic lights will kill the range. But those who can manage to drive sensibly could get up to 256 miles (NEDC) from the Z.E.40 battery. That equates to 186 miles in the summer and 124 miles in the winter.

9) Renault is using all its Formula E knowledge

Formula E may not be up there with Formula One, but it is starting to pick up momentum. It helps that Renault is no stranger to the electric racing event, with 10 race wins, two team wins and one driver’s title to its name in the space of two seasons.

10) Will it become a real car?

It seems like a lot of effort for the Renault Zoe E-Sport concept car to be just a case study, plus the benefits of electric power will become more prominent in smaller cars as the price of the associated technologies decrease. So maybe we will see it in production form. Please, Renault.


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