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RUF Porsche-based insanity officially arrives in the UK

Purveyor of Porsche-based high-performance sports cars RUF has announced it now has a formal presence in the UK.

In an official statement, RUF said it has opened an office in Tunbridge Wells in Kent with the help of, a brokerage that deals in sourcing luxury vehicles, supercars and hypercars. RUF already has offices in the USA, Canada, Singapore, Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan and Chile.

RUF managing director Estonia Ruf said of the news: “The opening of the UK office comes at an important time for us because our range of cars is now the strongest it has ever been.

“The reception we received at the 2016 Geneva Motor show this year was incredible and the level of interest in the latest RUF cars has exceeded all of our expectations.”

One of’s founders, Mark Sekula, is now co-director of RUF Automobile UK. He added: “Having known RUF and the Ruf family for many years now we are very familiar with the engineering principles and ethos of the company.

“Knowing what RUF is capable of producing, we are very excited to be a part of the expanding international presence. The UK has tremendous potential for RUF cars and it will be our task to establish a sound base for both pre and post-sales support for customers in this country.

“We feel that now is the perfect time for us to satisfy the needs of the high-performance and luxury sector based on our own current market experience here in the UK.”

RUF has been manufacturing its own Porsche-based sports cars for more than 40 years and the current range includes varying levels of insanity. A UK office will make it easier for fans to buy its cars.

The RTR, for instance, is based on a Porsche 911 Turbo and has 802hp. Then there’s the CTR3 Clubsport, which is a Carrera GT-styled monster with 777hp and a mid-engine layout. It’s worth noting every car in the range can exceed 200mph.

Suffice to say, just about every RUF car is as hardcore as it gets, which is why it has wowed a generation of Gran Turismo gamers and those lucky enough to have the money to own one.


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