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Seat 20V20 concept offers a glimpse of a future Spanish SUV

Seat has an idea of what you could be driving in five years with this, the 20V20 concept. The name comes from ‘V’ for vision and the year 2020 it is aimed at. Got it?

The 20V20 will follow in the footsteps of the smaller Leon SUV and is based on the MQB platform, which means it could go into production now, Seat boss Jurgen Stackmann told Top Gear.

In terms of size, the four-seater, 4,659mm 20V20 is on par with the Ford Kuga and could be powered by TFSI, TDI and hybrid engines up to 300bhp mated to a DSG transmission and all-wheel drive.

The front of the car definitely says Leon, but the rest is able to carve out its own individual style. It’s rugged and sharp enough to keep your eyes on it, in part thanks to 20-inch alloys, full-LED adaptive headlamps and a fetching orange paintjob.

The interior, meanwhile, features a futuristic digital instrument cluster and infotainment display in the middle of the metal dashboard, which contrasts with the brown door inserts and seat coverings.

Although technically feasible in the short-term, Seat is holding back on building it until the world and dealers are ready, which means at least a year before we see or hear anymore. So amuse yourselves by looking at the pictures in the meantime.

Seat 20V20 pictures


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