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Somebody put a Ferrari V8 in a Toyota GT86 and went drifting

We get the Toyota GT86 is a good car for drifting, thanks to a combination of skinny tyres and rear-wheel drive, but would you really want to stick a Ferrari engine in one?

Chances are, most sane people would say no. But perhaps Ryan Tuerck is no sane man, because his GT86 is now powered by a F136 V8 from a 458. And he has released a short video of it drifting around its donor.

Tuerck and performance additive maker Gumout have been working on the car for awhile, with previous videos revealing just what went into cramming a big-old Italian lump into the Japanese affordable sports car. Donut Media has been kind enough to upload the videos to YouTube.

Perhaps the most obvious issue, besides having the money to buy a Ferrari 458 for the engine and being handy enough with a spanner to make it work, is the fact the engine is rather tall. But then do you really need a bonnet?

One YouTube commenter said sarcastically that he is now hoping for a video of a Ferrari with the engine of a Toyota. Let’s just say you may be waiting a long time – longer than the painfully short 35 seconds the drifting video goes on for, anyway.

Video: Ferrari-powered Toyota GT86 drifting


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