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Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous Speed upgrade confirmed

If you like your cars very fast, electric and potentially affordable, we bring good news. Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk has confirmed the Model 3 feature the famous ‘Ludicrous Speed’ mode.

The billionaire entrepreneur was asked about whether the Tesla Model 3 would come with a Ludicrous Speed upgrade, which was originally designed to help with driving in snowy conditions but had the added benefit of making the Model S one of the fastest accelerating cars on the planet. 

Twitter user Vignesh Raju said: “Ludicrous mode is the best thing ever. Will the Model 3 have it too? Please say yes!” Elon Musk replied, “of course”. 

That means the Model S, which will retail from US$35,000 when it goes on sale from late 2017, will offer serious performance. But just how serious are we talking? 

Putting our speculation hat on for a second, the Tesla Model 3 is meant to be more affordable so it would make sense for it to avoid undercutting the Model S’s 0-62mph of 2.8 seconds. By how much is anyone’s guess. 

With that said, the Model 3 is a smaller car that would potentially attract those who would buy a BMW M2 over an M4 or M6 or a Jaguar XE S over the XF S so maybe a fully-decked out car will be on the tail of a fully-decked Model S. 

During a recent conference in Norway, Musk said the Model 3 has reached more than 400,000 pre-orders and that its predecessor will be even more affordable, bringing electric cars to “almost everyone“.


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