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The ‘best in the world’ MG ZT is up for auction

A bit partial to the MG ZT? Now is your chance to snap up what must be one of the lowest mileage examples left in existence.

This 2004 MG ZT 1.8 Turbo is jokingly referred to as ‘brand new’ because of the fact it has just three miles on the clock, two miles of which came from driving it down a driveway and one mile to take it to a garage to keep it pristine.

It has since spent the last 12 years in storage in a Carcoon and later a Car Bag, having been purchased at a dealer in Derby for half its list price because of the collapse of MG Rover and delivered to the owner’s farm just outside Silverstone circuit back in 2005.

The MG ZT comes in British Racing Green and is about as immaculate as you would expect from a car that has barely moved. It has the same fuel it was filled with at Longbridge factory and even the same ContiSport tyres.

Even better is the fact it is said to have a new car smell, complimenting its half-leather seats, green Alcantara door lining, CD player, air conditioning and barely used 1.8-litre petrol engine.

Classic Car Auctions is auctioning the MG ZT on the 24th of September, 2016, at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, with an estimated price of between £8,500 and £10,500, though we have a sneaking suspicion it may fetch more.

“It’s amazing that our vendor has never used this car on the road and has cared for the car so much that it has been tucked away and only covered three miles,” Classic Car Auctions general manager Guy Lees-Milne said. “The time is now right to part with it and Classic Car Auctions are very proud to have been asked to help find it a new home.”

“This really is a special collector’s piece and certainly an amazing example of history from the last domestically owned mass-production car manufacturer,” he added.

The MG ZT was based on the Rover 75 and it was produced between 2001 and 2005. A V8 version appeared in 2003, complete with a 4.6-litre V8 borrowed from a Ford Mustang.

Point your web browser in this direction if a pristine slice of the MG ZT sounds like the dream. Just don’t forget your cheque book and flat cap.


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