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The luckiest cyclist ever?

Some people are born luckier than others. Or maybe it’s more about creating luck, rather than hoping it falls in your lap? Whatever the secret, the following Russian cyclist has it covered.

The following YouTube video shows a relatively quiet crossroad in Russia being filmed by a CCTV camera. Enter a cyclist from the right, who checks both ways like the Russian equivalent of the Highway Code probably suggests.

It’s all going fine until a lorry fails to stop. The next thing you know, the van has smashed into a fast-moving red car that had right of way. Both vehicles are sent flying either side of the cyclist, who somehow avoids a bumper and car in the face. Even this guy would be impressed at the sheer luck.

What’s amazing is the cyclist was inches from death on two occasions in less than a second. Talk about having a guardian angel. Reports say everyone involved lived to tell the tale so at least his good fortune was extended to all.

Although the video is one minute and 33 seconds long, refrain from skipping ahead. The good stuff happens right away. Watch the following video and come to realisation that ‘Stop’ signs actually make a great deal of sense.

Luckiest cyclist ever CCTV video


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